What Are Good Questions to Ask a Narcissist in Court

Be careful when sharing your emotions with mutual friends or family. The narcissist might pump them for information. If you need support, reach out to people you trust who aren`t connected to your ex. You may also want to consider meeting with a therapist for confidential support. What happens if a narcissist loses in court? They get angry when they think they`re starting to lose a custody case. Don`t be manipulated. A spouse living with a narcissist understands that the charming person everyone sees is truly a combative, controlling and abusive person. Unfortunately, children may not notice these traits because the narcissistic parent manipulates children. I do my best, but it is detrimental to my health, my physical health and my mental health. The kids are definitely on him, that`s why they don`t really see him at all, but I still allow him to hurt me. I need to get stronger I will pray and keep you in my thoughts as One of the most terrible things, What we will ever experience with a narcissist, These are court battles. And if we don`t capitulate and hand over everything and instead stand up for what rightfully belongs to us, it`s really common to go through a horrible legal battle with a narcissist because they`re legitimate, they believe what`s yours is theirs, they`re not playing fair, and they`re not doing the right thing.

Once harassment takes place, it`s a fantastic idea to issue a restraining order before court proceedings so you don`t try to report these behaviors to the court without evidence and support. If you already have a restraining order, it automatically casts the narcissist in a bad light. Hi Mel, I`m going through a situation myself where someone I called my best friend who is a narcissist manipulated me, lied to me, and made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I`ve known this girl for seven years, she was with one of my girlfriends, they broke up, she turned to me to talk to her, and when I met her, she had marks around her neck and she told me that her ex-boyfriend strangled her and put a gun to her head and said, He shot him in the head and buried him in his garden. So I was there for her and I helped her and we became very good friends, but I, on the other hand, fell madly in love with her, I told her about my feelings, but she said she just wanted to remain friends, which I completely accepted. Six years later, she lost her mother in the house where she lived, had to be sold, so she looked for a house to rent, she asked one of her best friends to put her in her name because she could not afford to give her name because of her financial situation. For my part, I took time off to help her move and repair this house because she intended to buy it. I work at her house almost every day and sometimes I sleep on her couch, sometimes she sleeps with me on the couch, but all just friends.