Werewolf Pack Laws

Clones allowed per character: 2 (plus you need to get approval) You can ask 1 of your clones to join the WolfSpirits pack, but they cannot hold a leader rank and you must be a pack member for at least 6 months before you can join our pack with your clone. A werewolf pack offers an education and training opportunity that is not available to sheep, in a pack, werewolves learn to better control their instincts to greatly reduce the risk of becoming a human killer or man-eater. Pack wolves learn to fight, chase and dodge in ways that most sheep don`t, by controlling their wolf instincts, they can use their human intelligence in both forms to outsmart their enemies and set traps that sheep couldn`t. There is no stop of the world around the peloton. This also includes the interaction between humans and wolves. Usually, the only time the pack experiences interaction with humans is during a scenario set up by the alpha and/or beta. If you want to play a human, you`ll need to talk to the alpha and/or beta first to get an “OK” as long as it fits into the current role-playing game. The Wolf Spirits Pack is a serious package when it comes to family. This means that deposit/investment periods are taken seriously. We rely heavily on the devotion of a wolf and the extent to which this devotion is shown to the pack through participation. Most werewolves will try to stay away from a pair of courting wolves as much as possible. Those who are in the process of choosing their partner are notoriously picky and problematic. Since jealousy is triggered for typically absurd reasons, a wolf may try to keep its partner away from anything that is considered a potential threat to its yard.

Higher-ranking members of a pack are tasked with eradicating the behavior as soon as it appears, but if it`s an alpha or beta that finds a mate, the whole pack suffers. Scouts are responsible for warning the pack of dangerous areas outside the clearing, if any. Scouts are mainly werewolves known from nearby packs and are often nearby. They keep in touch with other packs and maintain friendly relations. You must report any significant changes to the alpha and beta. For example, when a new pack is formed, scouts are supposed to find out who the alphas are and if the pack is peaceful. Another change is to ban a particular werewolf from a pack; Scouts should know who was banned from where and why. This task is important so that the other packs remain in alliance and understanding with each other and ensure security. Considered a “witch`s country” or a no man`s land. There are a few Scottish packs in the north, but as they are mysterious and remote, the Council stationed in London has no interaction with them.

NOTE: There is -something- fantasy that happens in packs and role-plays, but only if your wolf has participated in certain quests to be allowed to apply a little imagination to your wolf. Most of the packs chose to live at least somewhat in community, in their family units, which were as far removed as possible from human society, with lands on which they could change. Pack members who are not members of a central pack family often live with their other pack members and, in some cases, become wards of an older werewolf or are adopted into their families. Most pack werewolves don`t like the idea of living among or with humans, either in an urban area or with people occupying their territory. Although members of the pack often live relatively close to each other, in a few hours or half days by car, this is not considered law as long as they attend meetings. Below are some tips on how to avoid being abandoned due to inactivity as a pack member, review, or promise. A werewolf in a pack claimed that his daughter, who had been left with her mother, had inherited the ability to turn into a wolf. He introduced her into the pack at the age of seventeen. The alpha took the girl aside and “confirmed” that she was able to complete the transformation. He then decided that he would be safer for the girl if he made her his partner. Citing the sensitive nature of the girl, he took her away from the packing area for her weekly change. Later, it turned out that the girl could not transform.

The alpha and the girl`s father had conspired to circumvent the mating ban. When the alpha was confronted, he bit the girl, but she did not survive her first change. More than just unhealthy relationship practices, more traditional wolves can get a little scary during this time. Don`t be surprised if strange gifts appear at your door. Jewelry, roses, chocolates? Not for a werewolf in the middle of courtship. A dead deer is more likely. It should be noted that in werewolf culture, an adopted child is not considered different from a biological child. Once the parents have made the decision to adopt, the whole pack recognizes it. The elders are the wolves who have the necessary experience within the pack (at least 5 years) to give advice to Alphas and Betas. They have always shown dedication to the wolves of the pack, both as players and as humans, and have always shown leadership through their actions. This rank is both a sign of humility and a sign of honor worthy of reverence.

Elders counsel those in need and speak authoritatively from a place of experience and wisdom. This position is not given lightly and remains with a wolf from time immemorial until the last memories of the pack itself. 11.You can have a companion outside the pack or in another pack. If no solution can be found in PM, please contact Alphas or Betas or a pack member. If you don`t feel comfortable talking to another pack member, please at least let the Alphas know. We don`t want anyone to feel like they`re not welcome or unable to attend because of someone else. We will do what we can to work on a mutual agreement where you can at least enjoy the role-play. When wolves are classified as red, they are not protected by any laws, so they can be easily killed even if they are good blushes. We don`t mind other wolves visiting our pack if you belong to someone else. It maintains widespread camaraderie and alliances formed.

We are happy to accept members from other packs. There are only a few things we ask for in exchange for your humble company in the clearing. Evaluations are wolves who always want to join the spirits of wolves and have kept their commitment. This is the last attempt before becoming a member and should be taken seriously. The key to becoming a critic is to have interacted with other promises, critics and Wolfspirits members when role-playing games are active. During the evaluation period (4-8 weeks), a wolf is tasked with learning the rules and history of the pack. To do this, an evaluation must interact with the members of the Wolfspirits. This task consists of starting the role-playing game when members are present but the role-playing game is not active. This task also includes researching or listening to old stories to get acquainted with the other characters as well as the history of the pack. Longer periods of inactivity result in an exam being maintained or deferred as a deposit.

Assessments should inform alphas or betas of longer absences. Join us on our OOC #WS_OOC IRC channel to learn more about what`s happening and what you need to do. Be sure to read the packaging rules first! Hunters are those werewolves who are exceptionally adept at tracking and hunting their prey. Hunters make sure the pack has plenty of food. After the big hunts, the head hunter alerts the package of available food. Hunters lead hunts with Alpha and/or Beta and give instructions to members when it is their turn to attack the loot. Two titles of the hunter are ambush and tracker. These titles are awarded to rank hunters who are exceptionally skilled with certain hunting techniques. Guards are expected to ensure the pack is safe by patrolling the area and observing the movements of the surrounding area. They must ensure that no intruders enter the clearing. It is the responsibility of a caretaker to welcome new visitors and learn why they are here and where they came from. In this position, it is the keeper`s job to ensure that every new visitor who comes to the clearing has good intentions.

If the keeper is not present in the clearing or if there is none, the reception tasks go to all adult members of the pack. The guards also make sure that pack members avoid trouble, meaning no fights break out between visiting werewolves (or other pack members) to warn them of the rules.