Us Navy Officer Candidate School Requirements

The Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program is designed for junior and senior college students (and graduates up to age 31) pursuing a bachelor`s degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics or an engineering discipline. College graduates with a bachelor`s degree or higher may also be eligible for the program. The only requirement of the Navy is that the student maintain excellent grades in the required subjects and earn a degree. During the program, the student can enjoy many of the benefits that regular naval officers. After graduating from college, graduates begin their naval officer training at the Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Pensacola, Florida. During the first two days of training, candidates undergo a body composition analysis (BCA). If it turns out that a candidate exceeds the permitted limits, he or she will be subject to withdrawal from his or her class and/or exmatriculation from the program. At some point during training, all candidates must meet the Navy standard of a GOOD-LOW on the PFA. The official Navy guidelines can be found here: Guide 5 – Physical Preparation Test During the 13-week course, candidates will receive instruction in the following areas: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 82% of the military is made up of recruited personnel. Eighteen percent are officers. There are opportunities, but the size of the active military fluctuates according to current global conditions.

The Flying Officer Candidate (AOC) and Naval Flying Officer Candidate (NFOC) programs are intended for college graduates and graduates interested in becoming pilots or naval flight officers. If qualified and accepted, they attend the Flying Officer Candidate School in Pensacola. Congratulations on your selection to the Officer Candidate School (OCS) and thank you for choosing to serve your country as a naval officer. Very few men and women meet the many selection requirements and have the commitment and desire to earn a place in OCS. The Officers on Limited Service Program is open to warrant officers with more than two years of service as agents and to Petty Officers with at least eight years of service in the Navy. If qualified, they merit a naval officer`s commission because of their high quality and experience in a specialty, but are limited to the duties of that specialty. Direct commission professionals in specific areas may receive direct assignments as naval officers. In week 2, candidates complete the third-year swimming qualification.

This qualification includes the following: OCS applicants can send and receive mail through the USPS. Below you will find the postal address of all applicants during their stay at the SCO. Only the candidate`s name and class number need to be updated. Guests arriving before the Saturday of their check-in weekend will not receive accommodation from Officer Training Command Newport. All applicants who plan to arrive early must book accommodation in town or at the Newport Navy Gateway Inn and Suites. Candidates will submit all travel and accommodation receipts to OTCN prior to leaving command. Navy OCS is a 12-week course that trains future naval officers through an intensive program based on study, physical training, and personal and professional development. Mental training involves memorizing military knowledge, academic courses and military inspections.

Overall, courses include naval history, engineering and weapons, damage control, naval orientation and warfare, leadership, seamanship, navigation and military law, in addition to physical training and rifle practice. Physical training (PT) begins upon arrival. This phase focuses on academics to meet the basic professional skills required for graduation. Candidates will learn leadership in ethics and management, engineering and weapons, naval history, naval guidance and warfare, navigation, naval operations and seamanship. Candidates will also compete for individual and corporate awards and classroom placements. At the end of this phase, candidates are selected by the Class Officer based on their class status for ticket assignments. Candidates are called officer cadets until they move on to phase three. The Naval Officer Candidate School (OCS) is one of four officer cadets at Naval Base Newport, Rhode Island. This 13-week course is designed to provide naval knowledge (both on water and on land) to prepare you for deployment to the world`s largest navy. To earn this honor, OCS will test you morally, mentally and physically to see if you have what it takes to lead sailors and conduct global naval operations in defense of our nation.

The SCO is divided into four main phases: Indoctrination (INDOC), Junior Officer Candidate (JOC), Senior Officer Candidate (SOC) and Officer Candidate (Candio). Each phase brings its own unique challenges and experiences that build on each other to prepare you for life as an officer. Your personal honour, courage and dedication will be tested at the SCO and you will be challenged to uphold the highest standards of these values.