University of Oxford Legal Services

The Legal Services team, which is part of the Finance and Legal Services Branch, provides legal advice and support to the University`s faculties, branches and branches. The Office of Alumni strives to achieve this vision by analyzing data available through the Alumni Relations and Development System (ADRS). It works with key internal and external stakeholders to raise awareness, engage and ultimately support Oxford through a range of valuable programmes and resources for alumni throughout their lives. At the heart of this mission is university-wide collaboration to provide services and programs that complement those offered by colleges and departments. Most recently, we have entered into an exciting partnership with the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and the Centre for Criminology, an institute and centre at the University of Oxford School of Law. As part of this program, we host Bonavero Fellows who help us provide a legal aid clinic at HMP Huntercombe, a foreign prison that can hold 480 adult prisoners, most of whom are at risk of deportation. The Department of Finance advises and provides information on financial matters affecting all departments, departments and subsidiaries of the University. The department includes a range of support services, including: The professional services of the Central University are grouped into sections. The heads of the professional services sections report primarily to the Registrar, with some teams reporting to the Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Development and External Relations, whose portfolio includes the Alumni Office, the Development Office (including the China and Japan offices), the Public Affairs Directorate, the Office of International Engagement and the North America Office. If you are an employee looking for help in a legal matter concerning the university, please visit the Legal Department`s intranet pages, where you will find a lot of information about the university`s legal processes and procedures. Email: Some law firms offer a free short initial consultation.

Students can find out if their chosen company offers this service by calling the company directly. It is important to remember that all legal services can have a cost and to contact the firm carefully before accepting appointments or work to avoid unexpected costs. Personal Assistant and Department Administrator: Jayne Snaith The Insurance Branch assists the Registrar in resolving a wide range of legal and regulatory issues. It promotes benefits and enhances the university`s approach to compliance. The Branch is responsible for ensuring that the University has adequate and effective arrangements in place to provide assurance to the Council and its regulatory body, the Student Office, in all University activities. Management oversees the effective operation of the University`s risk management processes and its internal control framework in support of the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan. The Branch crosses departmental boundaries to ensure compliance with the University`s legal, regulatory and other obligations, as well as its policy and process framework, and provides expert advice and support to the Registrar and senior University staff, as well as managing relationships with intercollegiate and external bodies and regulatory bodies.