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Tax Law Solutions has over 50+ exclusive tax saving solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Log in to learn more. The best pension plan protects your income and keeps more of your hard-earned dollar. We are not an investment firm, but we have an arsenal of advanced business and tax strategies that allow business owners to protect their business and save for retirement. TLS provides you with a comprehensive capital retention report tailored to your professional and personal circumstances, specifically outlining the tax reduction strategies that apply to you and identifying laws, lawsuits, IRS regulations, tax assessments, and other published guidelines that support each of our recommendations. We combine commercial and tax expertise to offer entrepreneurs a personalized and comprehensive approach to tax planning. The personal situation and business operations of our clients are thoroughly analyzed and taken into account when creating their new tax solution. This will show that your strategy is based on a solid technical foundation. The recommended and implemented strategies have already been tested and are already being used by thousands of other taxpayers. There are a variety of ways to structure your business, and each structure has different characteristics and tax implications.

TLS develops your tax plan to ensure it is well structured to take advantage of sophisticated tax strategies available exclusively to business owners. Tax Law Solutions focuses on 3 different elements to design comprehensive tax savings plans for our clients: business structure, tax strategy and retirement planning. In addition to income tax, the Capital Preservation Report examines We begin the process to give you a confidential and free “second opinion” on whether you are paying the legal minimum amount of taxes. TLS has over 50 different advanced tax planning strategies that we recommend and implement for our clients. And every tax strategy is written into IRS tax legislation. We didn`t invent them, we just know exactly how to apply them and take them into account to ensure adequate tax savings. Peacefield Wealth partners with Tax Law Solutions (TLS) to provide a unique, high-quality service. TLS is a group of highly skilled tax lawyers and accounting professionals who develop comprehensive and customized strategies that enable their clients to significantly reduce their taxes.

Our team of experienced tax advisors has designed more than 6,000 tax plans for entrepreneurs in a variety of industries across the country. We have clients in virtually every state and, on average, we have been able to permanently reduce their personal income tax liability by 30% to 40%. That`s a great question, and you`ll probably be surprised to hear the answer. While tax lawyers and auditors work for Tax Law Solutions, we are not structured as a law firm or CPA firm. TLS is a tax consulting firm. We charge a one-time tax-deductible fixed fee based on the scope of the project. We have a 6-step customer retention process, and for eligible entrepreneurs, it always starts with a free full tax analysis. We work hard to earn the trust of our clients and demonstrate our expertise, and when it comes to tax planning, we know it`s a process, which is why we take all the initial risks.

If you own your own business and have personally paid $50,000 or more in income tax in the past year, contact us today. With tax brackets almost certain to rise next year, how long can you afford to wait before taking control of your biggest expenses? One of the biggest complaints we hear from business owners and high-income individuals is that their current accountant, or CPA, isn`t implementing specific strategies to provide significant, permanent tax breaks. The reason is simple, most accountants and typical accountants tend to focus on reactive accounting for last year`s taxes, primarily as historians, rather than proactively planning for tax cuts in 2020 and beyond. In fact, TLS has structured over 5,000 tax planning strategies specifically tailored to its clients` business and personal circumstances. In each of these 5,000 cases, clients already had accountants, and these advisors believed they were “already doing everything they could” to reduce their clients` taxes. Nevertheless, the income tax of these customers has been significantly reduced thanks to the implementation of the strategies recommended by TLS. Far from doing the impossible, they simply implement for you the types of strategies that your income-generating peers have been legally using for years. You will, perhaps for the first time, have a single, comprehensive plan to structure your financial affairs.

Dave Runge, Managing Partner of Tax Law Solutions, discusses the legality of TLS`s tax planning recommendations. Log in to learn more. Have you been told that you are doing everything you can to save on income tax? Tax Law Solutions offers clear and unique tax plans designed specifically for your business. Log in to learn more.