Online Bachelor of Law Degree Australia

You must meet the applicable English language requirements and this degree requires at least IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. If you do not meet the English language requirements, you can apply to an English language program recognized by the university. Charles Sturt offers flexible learning in a supported online environment, giving law students the opportunity to tailor their studies to work, family, and other commitments. You can choose to study only one subject per session or, with your consent, expedite graduation by studying up to four subjects per session. You will learn from the leader in online education using technologies such as online meetings, webinars and student forums. Depending on the subjects you choose, you can attend an optional boarding school, which gives you the opportunity to study in a hands-on environment, meet lecturers and classmates, and learn from lawyers, lawyers, and judges. Three law subjects have a mandatory three-day boarding school on the Bathurst campus. Thirteen other subjects have optional boarding schools where attendance is not compulsory. You have the opportunity to graduate earlier with UniSQ by completing your studies in 2 years over 6 consecutive semesters (if you are studying full-time). Students admitted to obtain a previous tertiary degree that meets some of the academic requirements of that degree may be eligible for advanced status. Further information on advanced status or recognition of prior learning can be found at: Please note: Students will only be admitted to the full LLB degree after successfully completing the first four open subjects [LSU100, LAW100, LAW101 and LAW162 or LAW172)] with a minimum GPA of 4.2.

Qualified lawyers can enhance their career prospects by completing online master`s degrees, short courses, and research degrees. Griffith Law School`s degrees are based on the practical experience of the first year, so you will be accepted into the profession from the outset and graduate with a thorough knowledge of legal principles as well as the practical skills crucial for a rewarding legal career. You will gain extensive practical experience through local, national and international advocacy, court visits, industry networks and legal clinics working on real cases and policy issues. The Griffith Legal Clinic program offers one of the broadest clinical placement options for an Australian law school and includes the Innocence Project. Apply for the degree or enroll directly in a subject. It`s up to you! Charles Darwin University offers an online Bachelor of Laws program that is accessible according to Australian standards. You can be accepted as a school leaver with an ATAR score of 75+. If you have a (non-legal) degree, you can enter as a graduate and complete the degree in 3 years instead of 4 years. The course addresses legal issues specific to the Northern Territory, including Indigenous legal issues.

Career planning: What can you do with a law degree? Studying law online gives you the opportunity to sharpen your mind, strengthen your understanding, and deepen your experiences across the spectrum of humanities and social sciences. You will gain both broad understanding and depth in specialist areas. You can study a law degree online at the University of South Queensland with the same level of work-integrated learning, access to experienced lecturers and support as a student on campus. We offer the opportunity to study in person at one of our locations, online through our digital campus, part-time or full-time, over two or three terms per year. This can help you better manage your studies with existing commitments such as work and family, keeping in mind that classes can be scheduled during office hours, either in person or online. An essential part of your law degree is strengthening your writing, communication, and problem-solving skills. Along with your study of cultural competency, these valuable and highly transferable skills will help you stand out from candidates. The Bachelor of Laws follows a strict curriculum from the beginning of the term. The four open access subjects LSU100, LAW100, LAW101 and (LAW162 OR LAW172) must be completed and a minimum GPA of 4.2 must be obtained to be admitted to the degree. The University of South Queensland offers a 3-year Bachelor of Laws, which is proving popular with students. The highly rated course is accredited by the Legal Practitioners` Admissions Council as an academic qualification for admission to the Queensland Bar. It prepares you to practise as a solicitor or barrister in Queensland.

Solicitors and potential lawyers must also undergo recognized practical legal training. Elective courses may be chosen from any offer offered by the OAU, except by the Faculty of Law, provided that candidates who meet the general requirements of the degree and the requirements relating to the prerequisites and schedule of individual subjects. The University of New England offers a 100% online law degree that can be completed in just 3 years of full-time study. The programme is accredited by the NSW Legal Professions Admissions Council (LPAB) for admission to the NSW Bar and mutual recognition throughout Australia. Students are encouraged to take a critical and progressive approach to the interpretation of the law and the legal system. You will learn about the law and the relevant context. The approximate annual costs1 for your first year of study (8 credits) in this degree are: A representative of the university will contact you to assist you with this degree. Do you want to study law, but aren`t sure about the end goal? Let`s see how you can get what you want with a law degree. Our Griffith Law School community opens doors for you to guide you to your future career. Our global alumni network is a leader in a variety of industries and regularly mentors students for advocacy, career guidance and offers internships in their workplace. At Griffith Law School, you can also network with a cross-section of the legal community at regular events.

Throughout your studies, our Industry Liaison and Graduate Placement Officer will help you identify your career goals and ensure your law degree gets you where you want to go. In order to study this degree, we assume that you have in-depth knowledge in the following areas: The open enrollment topic and the first topic for this degree; LSU100 Introduction to Law Studies is exempt from this rule and counts towards the elective requirements for the Bachelor of Laws. Are you looking for Llb – Bachelor of Laws courses? Here you will find course providers that offer full-time, part-time, online or distance learning. Choose the right institution in Australia for you or try our course matching tool to identify the best institution for your study criteria. It was also endorsed by the Australian Law Schools Standards Committee as one of the Standards for Australian Law Schools adopted by the Council of Australian Law Deans. This degree will partially meet the requirements to practise as a barrister in Queensland or elsewhere in Australia. Future lawyers must also complete a recognized legal articling to be admitted to the Bar. Advice on practical legal education programs is available from Ask UniSQ. Although this is not the only reason, many people study postgraduate law to get a legal career from their law degree.