Mps Requirements for Graduation

Students who complete 200 or more hours of community service during their high school years receive a Community Service Award at the end. For more information, see the Graduation Honours section of the 2020-21 Parent-Student Guide. Minneapolis Public Schools graduation requirements include completion of 21.5 credits in specific content areas. Students must also complete a personal learning plan/post-secondary portfolio by completing college and career preparation activities My Life Plan. MPS aims to provide all its students with a comprehensive, high-quality educational experience and to earn a high school diploma and career ready. The graduation requirements support this goal in the following ways: Please note: With the exception of Algebra I, high school courses taken in college do not count towards the specific requirements mentioned above, but for the total of 25 credits. Courses that would meet the 2 additional STEM requirements click here. Courses that would meet the 2 additional requirements in HUMANITIES click here.