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With over 36 years of collective experience in family courts in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are well equipped to represent our clients in all types of litigation, including separation and paternity actions. We represent mothers and fathers through the Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Court Division, Las Vegas, Clark County, NV. Las Vegas family law lawyers at Mills & Anderson have earned a reputation in the legal industry as aggressive lawyers who fight diligently for our clients. We tailor a legal strategy for each case to its strengths and work closely with our clients to ensure they are informed of the status of their case at every opportunity. Dena has lived in Rowan County all her life and has worked at Mills Law since 2004 as a legal assistant, office manager and accountant. In 2015, Dena graduated from Associate of Arts degree. Dena enjoys spending time with her two children and two dogs and has a passion for cooking, movies and animals, especially dogs. At Mills Law, Dena is responsible for client planning, estate account management, accounting, document preparation assistance, concentration of lawyers, and wearing other hats that may need to be worn. At Mills & Anderson, we understand how important your family is to you and are ready to help you with all family law matters. We handle the most difficult cases with sensitivity and determination. We also deal with business law and advice to regional companies. Our clients are individuals and businesses from North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County and other surrounding areas.

If your future is at stake, no law firm will. An effective family lawyer possesses a combination of material and intangible qualities, including effective communication, social skills, legal knowledge, research ability, and integrity. We absolutely demand these qualities of ourselves, and we don`t think you should settle for less. Clinical training has the power to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Regardless of each student`s chosen area of law, the experience of working in a clinic is transformative. Students gain hands-on experience in the real-world work of lawyers while providing essential legal services to underserved individuals and communities. At the heart of our mission is our ongoing commitment to the principles of diversity, equality, inclusion and anti-racism, which we integrate into our teaching, learning and legal services. Each of Mills Legal Clinic`s clinics is led by faculty members who are not only the best lawyers in their field, but also exceptional educators and mentors. Students work full-time in clinics for a shift or more, engaging in an immersive experience that reinforces what they`ve learned in class. Students enjoy a level of ownership in their case that simply would not be possible if they were doing a part-time clinic. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our students` work.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Mills Legal Clinic, we invite you to learn more about our program. We are also experienced litigators who handle legal claims relating to company closure, corporate dissolution, breach of contract and title disputes. Our business lawyers can guide you every step of the way, from prosecution initiation to process. Our family law attorneys in Las Vegas provide ongoing services to registered agents as well as contractual and organizational advice to existing businesses. We prepare numerous legal documents for our clients, including: Our specialist lawyers have worked as general counsel and have a thorough understanding of many areas of law. They use their experience to determine the steps needed to achieve the desired result. With five generations of community roots in Nevada and more than 36 years as a forensic practitioner, you could say we know our way around the city — and we understand all the nuances of how justice actually works in Las Vegas. We can (and absolutely) use all this knowledge, as well as our local contacts, to build the impressive legal arsenal you need to achieve your goals. Kimberly Herrick works in the areas of estate administration and guardianship, estate planning, taxation, juvenile justice and criminal records. She attended North Carolina Central University School of Law and Georgetown Law Center and is a member of the North Carolina Council of Legal Examiners. Ms.

Herrick is also a Certified Public Accountant for North Carolina. She teaches continuing education and wills, trusts and estates as a paralegal instructor for Central Piedmont`s paralegal technology program. You can also reach them by asking to speak to the Minister of Caffeine. The responsibilities of a personal representative for the estate of a deceased person are often beyond the knowledge or experience of the person named in a will as executor (or takes precedence under general North Carolina laws to qualify as administrator of a testator`s estate). In addition, beneficiaries of an estate may need independent legal advice regarding the administration of a testator`s estate. Finally, interested parties have the right to challenge a will that has been admitted to the succession in a claim known as a reserve. We represent personal representatives, beneficiaries and interested parties in most types of estate actions. The firm`s president and founding shareholder, Seth Mills, was honored in Best Lawyers: Tampa for 2023. E.A. “Seth” Mills, Jr., Esq.

and Keith Lichtman, Esq. were both recently selected as super lawyers in 2022. No more than 5% of lawyers in a given state receive this award. Mills was named one of Lawyers USA Five Lawyers of the Year in 2011. Zack Anderson, Esq., of Mills Law Group, was recently selected by Best Lawyers as One to Watch in the area of construction law. Learn more about SSDP Learn more about SSDP at Stanford Lawyer number 92 Unfortunately, an assembly line approach is what you`re likely to get if you hire a giant mega-firm to represent you; You are likely to be treated as a file number rather than an individual. On the other hand, hiring an individual practitioner to handle your case presents its own challenges, as individual practitioners are often overwhelmed by their caseload for different clients. In all our decades of combined practical experience, we have never encountered exactly two identical cases. Clients come to us with different concerns and priorities, and the circumstances they face vary widely. Without ever having met you, we can guarantee that your case is as unique as your fingerprints and that a “one size fits all” approach simply won`t produce optimal results for you. With experienced lawyers and exceptionally talented support staff, we have resources that allow us to respond quickly and comprehensively to your questions and concerns.

We will not forward your case to the “junior” because there is no such person in our office. We handle each case ourselves from start to finish, and the lawyer who discusses with you the progress of your case will understand every detail and nuance. The Mills Law Office handles matters before federal courts, including the Supreme Court. The firm`s founding shareholder, Zack Anderson, was recognized for his work in construction law in the 2023 edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America.