Michigan Gas Station Laws

Iron Mountain`s LaFave said his plan was important for public safety. Its legislation would make it economically feasible to open stations 24 hours a day, meaning people wouldn`t have to worry about running out of gas on freezing Upper Peninsula nights and other emergencies. I thought, what a cool thing for the Buzz Killington of the world to know. Walk from car to car at gas stations, shouting at strangers. This obviously pleases a lot of people. Get back in your car during the cold without being an idiot to strangers. Fuel theft at a gas station is classified as a retail fraud in Michigan. A person is guilty of retail fraud by theft if the prosecutor can prove beyond a doubt all of the following: Vouchers issued by a company other than the gas station operator are considered “good third parties” (for example, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.). These coupons may offer a cash discount on the total purchase price (e.g., $1.00 on the total purchase price) or a discount on the price per gallon (unit price) (e.g., $0.10 per gallon). Each of these examples shall comply with the applicable national legislation. Since 2000, there has been a sharp increase in the number of drive-offs at gas stations due to the sharp rise in gasoline prices. Many stores have turned to systems where the customer has to pay for gas in advance at the store or by credit card at the pump. However, there are still gas stations in rural areas where you can pump gasoline before paying first.

But beware, the Michigan legislature has increased penalties for those who think they`ll get away with a free tank of fuel. In areas like southeast Michigan, LaFave said allowing stations to be open day and night — including hours when a station is unmanned — will limit congestion and eliminate traffic at stations, which will also help prevent the spread of COVID-19. “It`s not the early 1900s anymore, which is why most other states don`t need a pump attendant to sell fuel,” LaFave said. “We have new dispensers and handles that are extremely secure and easy to use for consumers. These safety standards do not change. If I leave Lansing after a committee day or meeting at 8 p.m., which is common, I don`t get home until 4 a.m.,” LaFave said. “With a lot of U.S. gas stations about 50 miles away, there were times when I cut it close and ran out of gas. Sure, we all have good intentions to keep us from falling dangerously low from the start, but it happens to the best of us. We were all there. And, let me add, I am an adult.

Think of all the new drivers, many of whom are teenagers. Do you really expect them to always have a full tank? Or even half? This number is used to report suspected cases of fuel adulteration or pump calibration. It is attached to the gas pumps of every gas station in the state. “It`s time we got rid of this completely unnecessary government over-regulation.” a) The advertised price is published clearly and in full, including preferential prices, to the nearest tenth of a cent. In addition to criminal penalties, the Michigan legislature allowed merchants to file a written claim with shoplifters for a civil fine equal to 10 times the retail price of the property in question, not less than $50.00 and no more than $200.00. According to MCL 600.2953, if the dealer makes this claim and it is not satisfied, the licensee may file a civil lawsuit to determine responsibility for the return of the unrestored property and the payment of the civil penalty. If the dealer brings this civil action against you and wins, you will be responsible for the value of the judgment, the dealer`s costs in bringing this action, and the merchant`s reasonable attorneys` fees. The merchant can bring this action even if you are not criminally charged with retail fraud in a Michigan jurisdiction. Section 3.30 Liquid Meter Specifications: Alternative fuels are taxed on a gallon equivalent basis equal to the fuel tax. Alternative fuels are natural gas, propane, hydrogen and hythane. A gallon equivalent is defined as 5,660 pounds (lb) of compressed natural gas, 6.06 lbs of liquefied natural gas, 480.11 standard cubic feet of hydrogen and 162.44 standard cubic feet of compressed natural gas of hydrogen.

A gallon of propane is measured as 4 liters or 3,785 liters. Whenever a cash rebate is offered “per gallon”, the “actual discounted price” must be “user selectable” and displayed at the pump prior to fuel delivery. S.1.6.4. Display of unit price and product identity If you have information about possible unfair gasoline pricing practices, please contact the Attorney General`s Office at 877-765-8388 or file a complaint online about gasoline prices. A commercial alternative fuel user who has not paid fuel taxes to an alternative fuel distributor must file a monthly report with the Michigan Treasury Department (the Department) to determine the taxes owing under Michigan compiled laws 207.1152. No later than the twentieth day of each month, users must submit the report detailing the number of gallons or gallons equivalent of alternative fuels consumed during the previous month. Commercial users of alternative fuels must pay the full amount of tax owing to the Department at the time of reporting. (Reference Michigan Compiled Laws 207.1154). The following guidelines are designed to help retailers maintain compliance with the law while enabling successful marketing of their products. (b) The advertised price must include the quality of the fuel sold, with the following authorized abbreviations: I know they say it due to static electricity and people catching fire and ALL dying! Real? I`ve seen about a thousand people do this and never catch fire and kill everybody. A few weeks ago, during the polar vortex, I got gas at Costco. It was so miserably cold that I jumped in my car to warm up while the gas filled my car.

A few seconds later, the gas jockey knocked on my window and told me I had to stay out of my vehicle. I really thought someone had gone crazy with their moderate performance, but they are attached to their gas tanks and many others. A receipt generated by the sale of fuel must accurately reflect the transaction completed, including: product name, actual price per gallon charged; total gallons emitted; and the total price. It is important to note that any commercial weighing or measuring device used in a manner that contradicts the design of the device will be considered inappropriate and may result in penalties for the operator, as provided by law. Anyone with questions about advertising and/or the use of commercial equipment should contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development`s Weights and Measures Program at 517-655-8202 ext. 304. Retail distributors of petroleum products are responsible under the Michigan Weights and Measures Act (PA Act 283 of 1964) for ensuring that any advertising of fuel prices is accurate and is not in any way considered misleading or misleading. In addition, operators offering “discounted” prices must carry out these transactions in such a way as to meet the minimum legal requirements. There is no waiver or appeal for these license sanctions. If you or a loved one is accused of stealing motor vehicle fuel, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner to protect your livelihood and reputation. If you need strong legal representation, please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Kershaw, Vititoe & Jedinak PLC today.

(i) regular gasoline: “normal”, “reg.” or “reg,”. (e) If the unit price differs for the same type of fuel and the plate cannot display all prices in characters of the same type and size, the highest price shall be indicated in the lettering with the largest size of the prices displayed. iii) Premium gasoline: “Premium”, “Prem.” or “Prem”. Dedicated armoured vehicles that run on compressed natural gas, propane, electricity, or any other source as defined by the Michigan Department of Transportation are exempt from emissions testing requirements. There is no doubt that gasoline prices are rising. The cost per gallon fluctuates widely from week to week, whether due to Middle Eastern conflicts, supply and demand, or even federal and state governments imposing additional consumption taxes. For most families, motor vehicle fuel accounts for a significant portion of the budget from month to month, and unpredictable gasoline prices make planning difficult. It probably occurred to everyone as he stood at the pump to leave without paying in protest at the outrageous prices. However, the effective implementation of this sinister plan can lead to a criminal conviction, which leads to fines, licensing sanctions and possible prison sentences.

In addition to these civil and criminal penalties, the Michigan legislature has banned licensing penalties for fuel theft. According to MCL 750.367c, “The Secretary of State shall suspend the operator`s or driver`s licence of a person convicted of an offence or attempted offence under this chapter involving the theft of motor vehicle fuel by pumping fuel into a motor vehicle … ».