Apac Law Corporation Review

I hired Apac Law to buy my condo. No updates are made as withdrawals are made. I send about three emails to get a single response. I did not submit my NVP even though it was sent to Apac Law last week. I must have been aware of these updates by my neighbors` lawyers. Edit to answer the answer: 1. NVP was personally handed over by lawyers on November 3 and I had to be informed by my neighbors. November 2.4 is a holiday, I called APAC Law on November 5 and was promised the NVP on the same day that didn`t come. On November 8, I sent emails and called several times without response until I left this negative review. 3. It has now been three working days since I informed them that they had taken all the necessary steps in the NVP, but surprise, they did not bother to respond with the next steps. I gave an extra star because I was grateful I didn`t take them.

Recommended by a lawyer, but wrong response from the director of business development. She didn`t respond after I told her who recommended it. Another director of business development responded, but the fees were not competitive at all. I got scared after seeing bad reviews and pre-engagement services. Answer: Thank you very much. The Director of Business Development who needs to be trained is Amanda. I don`t want to blame others. Why did my previous review disappear (I did it in early 2017)? I was a condominium buyer and got involved with this law firm at the end of 2016 because it was “recommended” by my real estate agent. I received an incorrect payment amount from the seller, but I didn`t notice it until after payment.

I contacted Am*nda but didn`t answer my call or email. Many emails were sent to management, but it seems that they all sank to the bottom of the sea. I had kept all the emails and call/message recordings to remind myself how unprofessionally I was being treated. We had great service and advice from Ruby. Quick response and support along the way. APAC Law Corporation is a boutique law firm that has grown over the years since its inception as a partnership in January 1996. We strive to provide our clients with high quality and cost-effective legal representation. Worst experience. 1) Doesn`t even have enough proper meeting rooms. Go to the reception area where so many people were waiting.

Zero privacy2) The insensitive transmission secretary (Amanda) had to keep sending repetitive emails and making repeated calls before I could reach her. 3) The rude receptionist who doesn`t speak English properly lacks follow-up. You have to call them constantly to get updates. Assigned persons who are available for work on the day the person in charge is not nearby. I started with one person and eventually had to get in touch with 4-5 people. The best part, spoiled the instruction to get a payment order to pay the seller. Stand twice in the back of the queue to get the right payment order for completion. Avoid this business, there is no need to settle for an inferior form like this. As a first-time home buyer, I couldn`t have felt supported throughout the process of buying a new home. Their staff were always clear, knowledgeable and answered my questions promptly.

In addition to making sure I understood the processes that were going on throughout the process, they were always happy to explain things again when I didn`t fully understand them. Highly recommended! Missing response and no response similar to other users` comments. I use his service for the purchase of my apartment. However, there is no effective communication for, for example, updating the step. (Other law firms will notify their clients when they have received anything from the developers.) I emailed Yanti regarding the issue and there was no response. I called the main reception and the lady said she would come back to me and there was no further follow-up. I called Edwin, who promised to get in touch with me even if there is no response from the developer. There was also no follow-up. This is my first to leave 1 star and really the worst experience. I appreciate and thank Ruby for her good service and speed in answering each of my questions. Highly recommended. Sherlyn and her team took care of my real estate transaction.

Everything went well from start to finish. As I am based outside of Singapore, Sherlyn`s timely, detailed and action-oriented emails and clear recommendations were very helpful. We finished yesterday without hiccups. Excellent service from a dedicated and dedicated team. Many thanks to Mr. Toh Wee Jin, Amanda Koh and Moon Low. Super mediocre services. It was recommended by my real estate agent ERA “encourages us to pay additional fees from the bank due to their negligence and they do not take into account the interest of the client.

We paid for a professional service, but instead they assign someone (Ms. Aida Husin (Legal Manager) who doesn`t bother to handle our case, and when she asks for explanations, she always writes something that is not true and blames others instead of herself. Integrity issue. Answer to your answer: 1) Are you in contact with your employees? PLEASE check again with your staff. In short, this negative feedback was wrong because your employees did not inform us of the short-term announcement during our face-to-face meeting. It`s up to you. Believe in a customer who wastes time writing comments, or in your employees with integrity issues. The public will judge for themselves. Your comments seem to me to be just a gesture. 2) Your employees also mentioned that she informed our agent on short notice and asks to change the date. Well.

Please confirm this with your employees? My agent was also very upset with your company`s department and your staff didn`t point this out to my agent, but chose to blame her when things happen. My poor agent was not there that day. Are you aware of that? It may be best to spend some time researching before answering. 3) HDB`s acceptance letter was sent to your staff on the day they requested it and we did not delay or overlook. PLEASE check your employees` emails sent and ours. There is only one email that was sent to us by your staff to request HDB`s acceptance letter dated 7/4/20 15:24 and we responded on 7/4/20 18:20. We have NOT RECEIVED ANY calls from your staff to request a letter of acceptance from HDB. Do you blame us? 4) Last but not least, please do not take Circuit Breaker as an excuse. This is inappropriate for a law firm. If your processes and procedures are in place, misunderstandings will occur or your employees will communicate incorrectly. Let the public decide again whether your argument, defense, or response is justified. Very surprised by your comments seriously.

Kirpal & Associates is a full-service global boutique law firm in Singapore with over two decades of legal experience covering domestic and international issues and clients. The attribute of this leading law firm ensures that clients can fully rely on the standard of services provided. Kirpal & Associates has proven to be an innovative, highly aggressive and complex problem solver and is actively developing strategic legal solutions for its clients. At Kirpal & Associates, our principle. APAC Law Corporation is structured to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. While anticipating the future needs of our customers, we have focused on supporting our customers by providing timely support and up-to-date information relevant to customers. In order to maintain our quality of service, we have carefully selected qualified and dedicated professionals with the utmost sense of professionalism to serve our customers. We engaged APAC Law Corporation for our real estate transactions and the team provided us with excellent services throughout the process. Special thanks to Ms. Amanda Koh for her professional and prompt advice when it comes to giving advice when needed. We recommend them to those who need legal advice.

Stay up to date with great services and team spirit! Great job! Fast and professional preparation of documents. No hidden fees. The best lawyers in Singapore. Thank you! I will recommend you to all my friends.