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We offer companies, board members and managing directors comprehensive advice in all areas of law, including white-collar crime and compliance, litigation and arbitration, factory construction and real estate, as well as labor law and data protection. The AGS has its legal basis in § 20 of the Ordinance on Dangerous Substances (GefStoffV). As a law firm, we have always understood one thing: clients are not looking for areas of activity; They are looking for a professional to defend their interests. That`s why we`re known for more than just legal advice. We are strategic partners who fight for our clients` positions – with creativity, determination and all our resources. We demand nothing less from ourselves. We regularly work with forensic experts, auditors and international law firms to conduct all kinds of internal investigations and provide even better advice to our clients. We work quickly and offer a “360-degree perspective” on business conflicts and are very reliable partners in legal matters. This reference book will certainly be a great resource if we are conducting preliminary due diligence and/or considering launching a pharmaceutical product in a foreign market. The book is well presented, concise and easy to read.

Having this information in a quick reference book will certainly reduce the time it takes to perform certain aspects of market analysis. I highly recommend this book to other pharmaceutical industry executives, business development colleagues, and sales and marketing, legal and regulatory affairs managers. André D. Gall, Executive Vice President – METHAPHARM INC., Ontario, Canada AGS Legal is a law firm specializing in white-collar crime and dispute resolution founded by spin-off companies of international law firms. Since its founding in 2012, AGS has always been one of the top 10 law firms in this field in Germany. AGS provides high-quality advice to companies, directors and officers in all relevant areas of law in business areas such as corporate defense, fraud processes, internal investigations, bribery and corruption, asset recovery, D&O liability, data protection and labor law as well as preventive measures. The AGS answers management questions and takes suggestions from practice to develop the rules. If the AGS adheres to a technical rule, the management will communicate it on the AGS website and ask users for comments and advice.

These are taken into account in the AGS audit. In its 2022 International Construction Report of Who is Who, Legal recommends Wendelin Acker as “Leading Partner” and Thomas Günther in the “Future Leaders – Partners” category. On 12 January 2022, the XII Senate of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) issued a decision in principle on the effects of officially ordered store closures on commercial leases. The conclusion of the Federal Court of Justice is particularly important: a general closure officially ordered due to the COVID-19 pandemic does not generally constitute a defect in the rental object within the meaning of Paragraph 536(1)(1) BGB. German culture is based on a set of values shared by most Germans. They are known as the “fundamental beliefs of the German people”. For example, in Germany, it is considered important to work hard and be a productive member of society. Punctuality is highly appreciated, and Germans are often very direct in their communication. They are also known for their strict adherence to rules and regulations. Before taking the plunge, it is important to respect these cultural beliefs and understand that they may be different from your own. The AGS has been reappointed by the BMAS for a new term 2019-2022 and currently has 20 members and representatives.

They provide the expertise and questions of their respective groups and work on a voluntary basis. Remember that you don`t have to worry – with the right planning and preparation, your move to Germany can go smoothly and smoothly. Apart from a rich culture and free higher education, Germany has the strongest economy in Europe, making it an attractive destination for expats. AGS Legal was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of several international commercial law firms to position itself as an independent and highly specialized entity with a pragmatic approach and reasonable fees. Founded in 1974, AGS Movers Germany is a global leader in the mobility industry with an international network covering 146 locations in 97 different countries. Our experienced and reliable staff can bring you and your family seamlessly and professionally to and from Germany. Our German offices are located in Berlin, Erlangen, Koblenz and Munich. AGS was again honored in 2022 by Wirtschaftswoche as a leading law firm for compliance and by our colleague Mr. Kappel as the best lawyer for compliance. AGS Legal has been recognized by FOCUS magazine as one of the best business law firms in compliance and employment law. At AGS Legal, we specialize in the fast, efficient and thorough resolution of commercial disputes.

Just in time for Oktoberfest, AGS Legal opened the doors of AGS Wiesn to all employees and alumni. In the Bavarian tradition of mass, fist music and brass, we finally celebrated together again. In the current publication of the PraxisReport juris, Dr Jacek Kielkowski LL.M. and Jan Schlüter analyse this highly relevant decision for practice and its effects on the organisation of internal investigations. The Federal Institute for Safety and Health at Work (BAuA) manages the activities of the AGS and, for example, publishes the technical regulations for hazardous substances and other work results in the Joint Ministerial Gazette (GMBI) and on the BAuA homepage. A newsletter informs about ongoing changes to the FIT. With his last decision of 15. In March 2022, the Federal Finance Court (FSB) followed the decision of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) that “ex transactions” must be considered tax evasion under criminal law.

The AGS meets twice a year to discuss and decide on the results of the work, in particular the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS). There is a broad consensus on decisions, which is particularly important for acceptance in practice. German is an ancient language with a rich history, but don`t be intimidated – it`s not as difficult as you might think. By learning a few basic German phrases, you will make the transition to life in Germany much easier. Start with common phrases like “Hello,” “please,” and “Thank you.” Once you`ve mastered the basics, you can start learning more difficult words and phrases. “AGSpublik” events with the participation of the interested professional audience take place on new topics and questions or key topics. 2022-05-05 / Dr. Jacek Kielkowski, LL.M., Jan Schlüter But the decision to move to a new country is not an easy one. There`s so much to think about – from packing your whole life and shipping to the other side of the world to learning a new language and culture. And Happy New Year.

And Happy New Year. Your AGS LEGAL team wants it. With the best wishes of your AGS legal team. One of the best ways to transition to a new country is to build a community. There are many ways to do this, whether it`s joining a group of expats or meeting the locals at the park or grocery store. Whichever approach you choose, remember to be patient. As with any major change in life, there will be ups and downs. Complex economic conflicts or large losses such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal do not deter us, as they help us to exploit our full potential. In other words, we fight resolutely for your rights, regardless of the type of conflict. There are no articles about this company in our database yet. If you are moving to Germany from another country, it is important to find a reliable moving company that can help you with the logistics of your move and reduce your stress. Don`t worry, we`re here to help! Read on for helpful tips to ease your transition to life in Germany.

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