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[button text=”Contact” link=””] [button text=”Start now” icon=”icon-play” icon_pos=”left” link=””] While this may not be the norm in the legal profession, we believe you need someone to empathize with your accident and injuries. that you also need someone to guide you through the process without confusing the jargon. and we believe it is the Active Legal approach. We have represented clients in court across New Zealand, successfully repeated in countless cases of drunk driving and other traffic charges. We are based in Auckland, but we regularly have cases from the far north to the deep south and almost all the points in between, and just because you have been charged with a crime in a small provincial court does not mean that you do not need the help of the best expert, quite the contrary. A team of dedicated and proven experts can make all the difference for your case. For legal assistance – everywhere – talk to us today. Your firm has the most experienced legal support staff in the industry, as we have been in business since 1996. Our continued commitment to providing superior legal support has helped complete thousands of simple and complex cases and is a testament to our exceptional success in the field of legal advice. [/ux_banner] [ux_banner height=”500px” bg=”3690″ bg_overlay=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.31)”] Reckless handling of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, driving during disqualification, speeding and more.

To learn more, click here. Disqualified or about to be disqualified? Defeated by demerit points? Learn more about how we can help you here. Committed, efficient and focused. This is what the Active Legal team describes. By “criminal law” we mean all alleged crimes that are not road accidents. To learn more, click here. Criminal Defense Attorney NZ – Very Experienced – Active Law I am delighted with the outcome of my case and I did not expect it. I almost made cart wheels in the yard and had to be physically prevented from expressing my joy in the courtroom. My family is happy and I can keep my license, my life and my independence. I would definitely use your services again – but as I`m scared, I promise you you`ll never hear my name again. – W.H Our goal is to quickly process your claim and provide you with help and support throughout the claims process. The main rule – Don`t make a statement to the police.

Never! To learn more, click here. As one of the leading accident lawyers in Birmingham, we specialise in handling the following accident claims: offer a free initial consultation if you need advice or would like to speak to a member of our team about a complaint, please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 355 4700. Experienced defense lawyers specializing in crimes such as drunk driving, assault and traffic offenses. Call us for a free review. [text_box width=”40″ width__sm=”60″ position_x=”5″ position_y=”50″ text_align=”left”] Our professional and friendly approach ensures that our customers receive the best service at all times. Minor injuries without brain injuryUp to £6,000 No complications with mild or remaining disabilityUp to £9,000 In addition, we are pleased to be able to offer our private and corporate clients the services of our employment, litigation and family teams through our dynamic approach. Our goal is to get the best possible result for your case. If you call us now, this is the best option. Uncomplicated fractures with full recovery in a short timeUp to £3,000 ActiveLegal is a team of experienced criminal defence lawyers and assistants specialising exclusively in New Zealand criminal and traffic law. These two areas – criminal law and traffic law – are unfortunately dangerous minefields, dripping with a multitude of technical details and stumbling upon the inexperienced every day. Please don`t allow yourself to be one of these people. A team of legal specialists provides you with the manpower and know-how to optimize the successful progress of your law enforcement.

Call us today. Severe fractures in one or both arms£9,000 to £29,000 “I would like to thank you for the professional service I have received from you and your team. It was the right decision to appoint you. They told me there was an 80% chance that we would win, and the case was eventually withdrawn. I couldn`t ask for a better result. Thank you also for being available at all times to answer my questions and advise me. – Heinz Little Brain Damage with Good RecoveryUp to £21,000 We hope you find plenty on this website that will be useful to you – but for specific advice on your exact problem – call us today for a free assessment of your situation! Technically called “driving with excess breath/blood alcohol” or “EBA” for short. Find out here how we can help you. We will handle your trafficking or criminal case with care, whether it is a single charge or multiple charges. In fact, people are sometimes faced with a set of road and criminal complaints. We have had clients who have faced multiple charges, such as: Drunk driving, reckless use of a motor vehicle (with and without injury), dangerous driving, reckless driving, persistent loss of traction, road racing and more.

Whether you are facing one or more charges, we can help. Home/Criminal Lawyers/Active Legal Solutions Ltd With a team of personal injury lawyers, we cover the Birmingham area while offering a national claims and compensation service. ActiveLegal is the law firm that operates exclusively in the field of criminal law, bringing the specialization, experience, manpower, personal relationships and tenacious determination that will give you the best protection to defend your driver`s license, your workplace, your rights and your freedom. We charge a fixed fee and not “by the hour” like many law firms. This means you know where you`ll end up financially before you make your decision. Injuries resulting in significant or permanent disability of £12,000 to £19,500. We specialize in personal injury such as traffic accidents, slips and trips, occupational diseases and deafness claims. In addition, we have dynamic departments of employment, family, succession and litigation. ActiveLegal is a law firm specialising in criminal law for those who need to be represented in new Zealand`s criminal courts.

We deal with a number of charges, including, but not limited to, drunk driving, reckless use of a motor vehicle (with and without injury), dangerous driving, reckless driving, persistent loss of traction, road racing, unnecessary speed, speed, driving during disqualification, driving while suspended, joint attack, gun attack, male attack on women, immorality Assault, cannabis and other drug charges, theft, fraud, other allegations of dishonesty and more. Our services are at your disposal at a time that everyone would find stressful, so you don`t have to suffer alone. Our free telephone consultation is just that; a non-binding assessment of your situation. No matter the situation, there is always hope. Call now! A highly experienced legal team will give you peace of mind that you will receive the best possible defense for your case.